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10 Travel Fears We All Have

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Traveller’s anxiety is real — it’s more than just feeling some minor pre-trip jitters which are mixed with all the excitement to go with. There are some real fears we all have as travellers, most of which are suitably justified, but it’s perhaps just all part of the process. If you take the necessary precautions, exercise vigilance and do things by the book however, you really have nothing to worry about, but nevertheless here are some of those travel fears we just cannot help but harbour.

Getting Banged Up Abroad

Watching the show titled “Banged Up Abroad” probably only serves to compound the fear of getting into trouble with the law while you’re in a foreign country and perhaps doing some time in some third-world country prison. Just abide by the law and you’ll be fine.

Catching a Cosmic Desert Flu

Bringing back some cosmic illness or strain of disease with you is another fear travellers have, in addition to the common endemic illnesses. Just be sure to take all necessary vaccines and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Losing Your Essentials

Always keep digital copies of your passport and other essentials such as prepaid bank cards backed up in the cloud or somewhere where you can access them should they get lost.

Falling in Love

On a bit more of a lighter note, travellers often fear falling in love because chances are it’ll b a love that can just never practically be. Holiday romances never really work out unless someone is willing to relocate, which is a huge life step.

Running Out of Money

This is why it’s always important to have a back up stash which is allocated to travel emergencies as it’s very likely that you may run out of money.

Post Travel Fatigue

For frequent travelers, post-travel fatigue is a genuine concern. This weariness often stems from factors like adjusting to different time zones, battling jet lag, and experiencing sleep disruptions. Managing post-travel fatigue involves a combination of strategies. First and foremost, prioritize getting enough sleep. Regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and staying hydrated also play crucial roles in combating fatigue. Additionally, opting for a full body massage can be highly beneficial as it can alleviate muscle tension and enhance circulation. To locate a suitable spa, you can seek recommendations from friends, or do a quick online search using phrases like “massage near me” and book a session to rejuvenate after your travels.


Oversleeping simply means you miss out on some things if you do it while out on your travels — a looming fear among all travellers.

Missing Your Flight

One of the worst scenarios which could ever possibly play out in relation to oversleeping is indeed missing your flight. Make full use of your alarm(s) and the hotel’s wake-up call because you might not have the extra money required to pay the penalty fees associated with being put on the next flight.

Realising You Forgot Something Important

Another big fear among travellers is after having boarded the flight, you realise that you may have forgotten something really important, like a laptop adapter/charger, etc and the worst of this situation is not being sure about it and having to wait until you reach your next stopover/destination to find out for sure.

Depression & Eleutheromania

Ending things off on a lighter note again (well, sort of), this is perhaps not as commonly discussed as many of the other fears all travelers have, but post-vacation depression is definitely a thing. A thing that some travelers, if not all have experienced. In case you are one of them, then having weed while traveling and once you back seem to be an ideal option. You might find plenty of places to acquire weed online similar to bmwo and more.

It’s no fun developing seriously itchy feet after a few getaways — feet so itchy it develops into depression and seriously affects your life through a reduced ability to focus.

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