10 Ways to Make Money Whilst Travelling

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Travellers who occasionally get a taste of the road would mostly love to travel a whole lot more than they do, some would even love to do it on more of a permanent basis, but it does indeed cost money (lots of it), so naturally then we’d love to be able to make money whilst on our travels. Here are a few practical ideas through which you can really make it happen.


Make no mistake about it, if you’re going to be exploring traditional means through which your travel blog is going to generate money for you while you’re actually doing what you want to write about, it’s going to take a while before your blog actually starts generating revenue. But yeah, blogging is a great way to make money whilst travelling.


Perhaps this can be facilitated through your travel blog, but sponsorships are indeed another great way to make money whilst travelling. Unless you thrash out a specific deal with a specific sponsor or more, it perhaps won’t be a steady or stable income, as is perhaps the case with running a travel blog as well.

Stock Photography

Travellers have some gold in terms of the pictures they can manage to snap while exploring the world, particularly those weird and wonderful places. Sell your images online through stock photography sourcing platforms and just a handful of your traveller’s snaps can make you some good money while you’re travelling.


If you have some skills you can use to complete freelance jobs while you travel then you can make good money setting aside a few hours a day to complete various freelance gigs and then deliver them digitally, whether it’s graphic design, writing, voiceovers, etc.


You might have to spend a little longer in one place than you like, but volunteer programmes usually cover all the costs associated with the volunteer’s travels and you’ll usually get a little something extra on the side as a “thank you.”


Open a drop-shipping account and sell some stuff on the likes of eBay, Amazon, etc, and you can make some good money whilst travelling, without even having to touch and handle the goods you sell online.

Online Trading

Granted, most people who really make a success out of trading are those who train others and charge for the training course. If you can figure out how to make consistent profits through online shares, commodities and CFDs trading, with the help of a platform like bitcoin bank deutschland for trading CFDs with cryptocurrency, then it’s a great way to generate an income whilst out on the road.

Online Gambling

Online casinos, like physical casinos, have to give back some of their revenue as winnings, as part of the regulations governing their operation. Develop and master a strategy around online casino games such as live poker, roulette, blackjack, etc, and online gambling can be a great source of income while you explore the world. However, keep in mind that since you will be traveling, you may need a VPN to access certain gambling sites that may have geo-restrictions. If that is the case, make sure you read Cyberghost vs Nordvpn reviews and other online resources to find a VPN service that can optimize your device’s connection with the server without limiting your internet speed.

Online Business

E-products like e-books sell the best online because of the low overheads (sometimes none at all) associated with their creation, so you can set up your own online business selling e-books and other products as a great way to ensure you get an income whilst travelling. However, when you launch a new online business, strive for global payment processing methods which could help you to lure more customers towards your business. With quick and easy online payment processing methods, you can sell more even when you are travelling. Moreover, with such payment processing methods, you could you could try these out –show relevant currencies to global audiences without having to deal with complicated conversion rates and updates and localize the shopping experience by automatically adjusting the checkout language based on the location of your customers. Wait, do you want your business to be more successful? How about using something like Agora’s custom App Builder (https://www.agora.io/en/products/agora-app-builder/) to develop branded video chats that can help you connect with consumers and drive more promising business outcomes?

Duty-Free Stocking

If you build up a network of people who love consumer goods such as perfumes and other accessories, you can stock duty-free products for them and resell to them at a reduced price to that they’d pay in a regular retail environment, while adding enough of a mark-up to make a good profit for yourself.

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