5 things to do if you’re heading to Blackpool this autumn

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While visiting Blackpool in the sunny months of June, July and August, may appear to be the best way of having an exciting holiday. The hotels will be very expensive, the beaches crowded and you may not be able to even spend much time at the amusements without being stuck in a queue for most of the day. Autumn is a time of peace and quiet, a time when families choose to stay at home and avoid the cold spells of the rain in England, and in Blackpool. So, if you are heading to Blackpool for a quick trip, these are some reasons you may want to postpone that summer holiday and, instead, visit in autumn.

  1. The Beaches

Of course, when you think of Blackpool, the first thing that you want to do is explore the famous beaches and pier. While it may be a little cold for swimming, there is the opportunity to enjoy the peace and enjoy the amusements, fish and chip stalls and rock pools around the sand. If you do decide to go swimming, there will always be the opportunity to find one of the best B&B’s in Blackpool to warm up afterwards. Each of these B&B’s, near the beach side, incorporate a gorgeous beach side colour palette and are welcoming to any strangers who need a place to stay. 

  1. Funfairs and Arcades

What sort of trip would Blackpool be without a fun visit to the arcades and the funfair? If you wish to risk the weather, then there is the pleasure beach and arcades that are on the pier, filled with rides, video games and family fun, but there are also indoor jungle gyms to entertain any smaller explorers. With a mixture of indoor fun and outdoor exploring, Blackpool in September can be the perfect combination of quiet and tranquillity, as well as loud and rowdy fun. Just be sure to wrap up warmly to endure the beach breezes.

  1. Blackpool Winter Gardens

While it can be fun to visit the pier and experience the fun of the fair rides, the delicious fast-food and the calm beach walks, staying indoors at the Winter Gardens to view the Illuminasia. The Illuminasia is a collective illumination of orientally themed lights. Why risk the cold when all the illuminations can be inside of a warm building? There are six rooms, and they are large enough to make a night potentially bright than even the activities during the day.

  1. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

What could be better on those long, autumn nights than something to spook the whole family? Give Halloween it’s time to shine with a visit to Blackpool’s famous Tower Dungeons. It has trained actors guiding you around the towers to give you the spooks, chills and history of the evening. This is not only an event for just a few little jumps and scares. This is a full tour that will let you in on the murky depths of Lancashire’s history. For those interested in history as well as a fun night full of frights, this is the perfect evening event.

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