5 Ways travelling makes you more Employable

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  1. This encourages you to learn new languages.

It is true that it is very rare to need an additional language to find a job, but some companies request it, whether they use it or not at their place of work.
The ability to show that you have taken the time to learn another language while traveling is very useful for potential new employers. If you include this in your resume (that you may get drafted by hiring ARC Resumes in Minnesota or like companies in your vicinity), it might not only show that you are naturally curious about other cultures, but also that you can apply to the job and still continue learning new things.
Similarly, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is also a great way to live and work abroad, and it will look like gold in your resume.

  1. Teaches you how to handle stress

It can be a lot stressful going from one point to another; trying to calculate travel plans, different currencies as well as the number of days of travel but luckily there are travel agencies such as Expedia that make it easier to travel.
The more you deal with such situations, the easier it will be to manage stress and (theoretically) you should be able to transfer that ability to the workplace pressure.

  1. This gives you a good relationship with strangers

During travels, you meet everyday situations in which you talk with strangers. This is something that many people find quite intimidating, but the more you do it, the easier it will be, and after a while, you will even grow up to enjoy it!
By exposing yourself to such a situation, it will be easier for you to communicate with new customers in a relaxed and secure manner, while increasing your chances of getting along well with your colleagues.

  1. This allows you to make friends internationally.

Traveling from one place to another as a young person will probably make friends around the world on your travels.
Not only is it good to open your mind to other cultures and create a broader perspective of the world, but keeping in touch via social networks or e-mail could also be an asset in the future if incase you decide to: look for a job in another country. It is always good to keep the possibilities open!

  1. It makes you more adaptable

It gives you a big boost you find in yourself by being so adaptable to cultural, religion and lifestyle differences. You will also learn how to take advantage of it, to get out of your comfort zone, which is a major asset for your work environment.