Top 5 UK Destinations That Are Great for the Older Traveler

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Old travelers have to take extra care while traveling as a majority of the destinations are not their age-friendly. Thus, we at stairlifts at Acorn stairlifts have taken the pain of distinguishing destinations that will suit your age and needs in all the UK.

Elderly people require medical attention wherever they go because their health may deteriorate as a result of the conditions. At home, they might be able to look after themselves by hiring an in-home care professional, either from or any other care agencies they might already be familiar with. However, when it comes to traveling, they must be extra cautious because the care professionals might not be able to accompany them.

The Cotswold

The South West part of England is spread across six counties and home to thatched-roof cottages and traditional villages. Sudeley Castle and the Rodmarton Castle are the famous places to look out for local craftsmanship.

There are plenty of walking trails with various difficulty levels, and you can take one as per your comfort. The Cotswold Way National Trail is another excellent way to move between the hills for 102 miles.

The Lakes District

The place is well known for its spectacular views, and natural beauty that can be seen and felt by its mountains stretched land masses and pretty villages. It is also home to various film festivals, food markets, and farmers’ markets.

On the other hand, the Lakes working distillery allows you to watch the process of Whiskey and Gin production. The walking trails are good enough to satisfy the adventure junkies while the hilltops will soothe you from within.

The Northern Irish Coast

Being close to Belfast you will have the comfort of reaching the Northern Irish Coast to witness a historical structure like The Carrick a Rede bridge, which was built in 1755. Due to its elevation, i.e., 30 meters above sea level, many people have the adventure of their lifetime coming here.

One can visit The Giant’s Causeway to get the feel of Irish mythology built after an ancient volcanic eruption.


The hottest place in the UK is best suited for a calming sunbath on the beaches. You can also visit alongside the Cornish Mining sites to know more about the world heritage site. Reliving the Victorian era through museums, railways, and working farms is another great idea. Meanwhile, The Eden project is an excellent place for wildlife lovers especially those interested in seeing floral diversity.

The Highlands

Located in the majestic Scotland, they offer picturesque views of mountains and trees within a comparatively small land mass. The West Highlands goes through the between Glasgow, Oban, Fort William, etc.

The countryside will make you witness lush greenery, rugged mountains and many other things not available in traditional city life. You must visit Edinburgh to know more about the art and culture of this county.

Thus, UK has ample destinations for the elderly yet adventures people. Make sure you visit them all.