Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking

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If you have decided to travel the world one country at a time, there are some things you should know before you step aboard a plane. I’ve been travelling the world for years, so I know exactly what you should or should not pack in your luggage.

Don’t Take Your Valuables

We all have items that we hold dear to our heart; whether it is a keepsake from a family member or an item clothing that’s pretty expensive. However, we recommend leaving these items at home, if you can. In my experience, it’s best to only carry the basics. The last thing you will want is to lose the item along the way, or even have it taken from your bag, which can happen.

Less is More

You might want to bring a fresh change of clothes for every single day of your adventure, but that isn’t really practical, is it? Less is more when you are travelling the world, for obvious reasons. The last thing you will want is to be bogged down by too much luggage, which will only slow down your experience and could even result in you missing that train or plane you’re running late for. Not to mention you won’t be subject to expensive fees for extra luggage at the airport.

Have Your Wits About You

You will meet a lot of lovely people during your travels. People who will be happy to chat to you in a bar, open up their homes to provide you with a home cooked meal and just general friendly, courteous people. However, like anywhere, you may come across someone who is more than happy to dip their hands into your pockets or bags.

Most countries are home to pickpockets and scam artists, which is why it is important for you to have your wits about you throughout your journey across the world. Many locals can spot a tourist from a mile off, so don’t give them the opportunity to steal your belongings. Make sure you keep your items close to you as much as possible, and while things like a money belt might be unattractive, they are a great way to keep your cash, passport and cards safe.

Inform Your Loved Ones

It’s so easy to become absorbed in travelling that you can forget there are actually people worrying about you at home. It might not be a big deal for you to hop on a train, plane or bus to another destination, but you can guarantee Mum and Dad will want to know where you are should the worst happen. Always let someone know where you are, where you are headed and how long you will be there for. That way they will know where you are, and they have the means to contact you should there be an emergency at home. Plus, it never hurts to just give your loved ones a call to let them know you’re thinking about them. Trust me, sometimes a phone call with Mum, Nan or brother can be just as beneficial to you as it is to them.

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