The 3 Best Walking Tours in Queens, NY

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A walking tour is a great and often underrated way to see a city, whether you’ve visited before or it’s your first time. Queens, New York, is no exception. The borough is known for its cultural diversity and huge array of international food choices, and a walking tour will help you find all the best places to eat. Plus, you’ll learn more about Queens’ fascinating cultural history.

To really make the most of your time in New York’s largest borough, stay at one of Queens’ many great hotels and you’ll be ready to walk right out of your building into one of these awesome walking tours.


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Streetwise offers visitors the chance to learn about New York’s true essence on their unique walking tours. The tours are totally customizable, allowing you to really personalize your experience with the help of local experts. Your guide will feel like a good friend, introducing you to little-known spots off the beaten track so you can explore Queens like a proper local.

Streetwise recommends three to six hours for a tour of Queens, and suggests an itinerary that takes in various international neighborhoods, street life, and food. For example, for skyline views of the rest of the city, you can stop by Long Island City on your tour or take in the Italian/Latin American neighborhood of Corona.

Have a look at Streetwise’s website for more information on booking your tour.


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Join Noshwalks for a food-focused meander through Queens. You’ll visit bakeries, restaurants, markets, food trucks, supermarkets, factories, and more, sampling the best of the exotic cuisines Queens has to offer.

Noshwalks offers several tours, each focusing on one of Queens’ neighborhoods. You can take part in a walk around Astoria, for example, where you’ll stop off at Greek, South Asian, Colombian, and European eateries. Or, why not join a tour through Elmhurst, New York’s so-called fourth Chinatown, to taste traditional Korean, Indonesian, and Thai food.

Most of the Noshwalks’ guided romps also touch upon history and culture, with some including visits to local gardens, museums, and temples too. Check out their website to see their full list of Queens tours.

Queens Food Tours

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Do you fancy tasting a burger made from a 100-year-old recipe? Join the Queens Food Tour around Long Island City and that’s exactly what you will do. The tour focuses on the industrial part of Queens, blending breathtaking views of New York with culinary “mom and pop” gems that you won’t find in your guidebook. You’ll also take a look at the artistic community and unique architecture of the area, and will receive an account of Long Island City’s interesting history.

The company also runs customized, private tours, and is planning to launch a walking tour in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens soon. Visit their website for information on booking.

After walking and snacking your way through Queens, you’ll feel like you’ve truly gotten to know this richly diverse borough and all it has to offer.

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