5 Unfortunate Things You Will Do When Travelling

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Travelling the world will provide you with a host of wonderful experiences that will stay with you forever. However, it will also come with some moments you would rather forget, but are a rite of passage for almost any traveller.

Wear a Money Belt

There is nothing more uncool that a money belt/fanny pack. Not only is it one of the most unfashionable items ever made, but it just looks downright stupid. However, despite its garish design, a money belt really is a sensible option when travelling to dangerous cities. Make sure to hide it under your clothes, and maybe avoid stripping off on the beach until it has been removed. It’s a price to pay if you want to keep your money safe from theft.

Make a Cultural Gaffe

If you fail to thoroughly research a destination before you visit, there is a good chance you could make a cultural mistake during your trip. For example, did you know it is considered an insult to finish a meal in various parts of Asia? Also, if you show any forms of public affection in an Orthodox country then you could land yourself in serious trouble. Just make sure you do your homework before your adventure to avoid any significant faux pas.

Become a Travel Cliché

You are travelling the world, so you’re going to want to show the how planet just how much you are enjoying yourself – and there’s only one way to do just that and that’s with social media. You are bound to share your travel adventures on Instagram, tweet about your latest adventure or update your profile photo with an image of you standing on some beautiful beach. You will become a travel cliché – but you won’t care because you’re living the dream.

Run Out of Money

There are a million one reasons why you could run out of money overseas. You could have overspent on travel. You may have failed to have informed your bank about using your card in a different destination. You might have even lost some cash. You need to face it, a time may come when you will either have no money at all or will seriously be running out of funds. Whilst it might be embarrassing to ring home and ask for help, it will be essential. It’s a good job your family love you, isn’t it?

A Taste of Home

You are travelling the world to embrace new cultures. You are more than happy to try new dishes, and haven’t been scared of stepping outside of your comfort zone. That’s great. However, a day will come when all you long for is a home comfort. A treat you can only buy in your country. A pint of lager straight out of an Irish or English pub. There’s no shame in it.

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