6 Travel Tips for the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is one of the hottest destinations in the world to come and relax in a paradise. There are thousands of islands with picturesque white sandy beaches and warm tropical waters. You can stay in beautiful beachside resorts or one of the best Caribbean villas on the island to make your trip perfect. But, at the same time, there are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do to make sure that your trip is perfect. I’m going to describe six essential things in this article.

1# Avoid Peak Season:

This may sound obvious with any vacation, but most people don’t really know when the peak season is. After all, you’re almost certain to get good weather at any time of the year, right? So, it’s a good idea to find out when the crowds tend to visit and try your best to avoid them. This typically happens during the fall or winter when Americans and Europeans flock to the islands to escape the cold weather. The price difference between visiting in the summer and winter can be huge. And, you should always try to avoid the school holidays too if you want to save money.

It’s also worth pointing out that the best time to book a trip is a few months in advance. Not only will it allow you to prepare properly, but it will also mean that you will have a better selection of accommodation to choose from, which is particularly important if you want to stay in a luxury villa – look at the site linked here for more information. Also, some will find last-minute deals that have huge discounts, though this doesn’t happen all the time and it’s equally possible for the prices to skyrocket too.

2# Take Advantage of the Local Rum:

If you like to drink, another tip is to try the local liquor. People in the Caribbean love rum – just listen to any of their songs and you’re almost certain to hear them singing about it! The best part is that you can buy it anywhere and the price is much lower than what it costs back at home. Drinking the local rum whilst listening to their music is a great way to get in with Caribbean culture.

3# Don’t Say No to a Cruise:

A cruise doesn’t need to cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The ones that you see advertised online or at the travel agent may seem expensive and out of your budget. Yet, most people aren’t aware of the more affordable ones that you can find if you look in the right places. You can find local cruises that will take you around a few islands for much less than a conventional cruise. My tip is to search around to find the best deal months in advance and try to contact some of the smaller companies on the islands directly.

4# Always Find Recent Info on Safety:

It’s no secret that the Caribbean is a dangerous place. Drugs and gang crimes are rampant and in some parts of the cities, murder happens on an almost daily basis. Sometimes they target tourists to rob them, other times a shootout may happen without warning. This doesn’t happen on every island and in every place, but it does happen on some. For this reason, it’s essential to get recent information on what the situation is like on the ground. Things can change very quickly. The guidebooks or article that you read online may be a few years old, which means the situation could have improved or deteriorated.

But, you shouldn’t let this stop you from visiting the islands. Most of the dangerous areas are far from the touristy areas and if you use common sense, you’re probably going to be fine. It’s just something to be aware of if you’re planning to explore the island away from the tourist areas. And even if you do visit one of the more dangerous places, the resorts are completely safe.

5# Bring a Sealable Bag:

This is a lesson that I learned the hard way. The Caribbean is tropical and the humidity is always high. This makes it hot and humid all year around. Whenever you go inside, you’re blasted with ice cold, dry air conditioning. Then, you go outside into the steamy air again. This isn’t good for your camera. The quick changes in humidity can cause the moisture to build up inside your camera. This, in turn, can start to damage the electronics and if you’re not careful, can break the camera. The easiest solution is to bring a sealable bag that you can put your camera inside. This stops the moisture from building up and protects your camera and your precious memories.

6# Drink Responsibly:

When we’re relaxing under the sun around the pool or sunbathing on the beach, a few beers or a cocktail are always welcomed. A few can quickly turn into a few more when your drink becomes warm and you’re thirsty. And then more drinks in the evening. Before you know it, you’re severely dehydrated and highly intoxicated. It’s OK to enjoy a few drinks, but make sure that you do drink responsibly and avoid being drunk outside of the resort. People will probably target you if they see that you’re out of your mind.

The Takeaway Message:

A trip to paradise in the Caribbean is a great way to spend a few weeks to recuperate from the hardships of work and life back at home. With a little extra planning, you can find great discounts and even a reasonably priced cruise. But, you should always remember that some of the islands are dangerous and people may take advantage of you if you drink too much. Make sure you do your homework before venturing away from the resorts to protect yourself. And above all, enjoy relaxing on the beaches under the palm trees.

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