Some Of the Best things To Get Up To In London

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If you’re planning a visit to the capital, or you’ve the considerable good fortune to have worked with a mortgage broker in London and own a property there, then you’ll want to cram as much fun and festivity into every waking moment. Fortunately, there are a myriad of great attractions on offer. Let’s take a look through!

Crystal Maze

Escape-themed live-action puzzle-games are becoming increasingly popular across the country, with participants pitting their wits against whatever fiendish challenges have ensnared them. The mother of them all, however, is arguably the Crystal Maze television show. Now, you can participate in the game for yourself!

Sutton House

A visit to a national trust property isn’t the first thing on many people’s list of things to do in London. But this beautifully-maintained Tudor mansion in the east end of London isn’t your average period property. The house has been occupied by squatters over the years, and served as a gig venue in the 1980s.

London Zoo

London is home to one of the world’s foremost zoos. Since the facility first opened to the public in 1847, it’s provided Londoners with a source of ceaseless amusement and entertainment. Nowadays, you can even sleep in the zoo overnight – and thereby get that little bit of extra intimacy with the local wildlife.

Union Chapel

If you’re looking to catch a gig in an unusual setting, then this 19th-century gothic church in the heart of Islington is sure to fit the bill. There are regular musical performances from large bands, and more obscure ones, too.

Visit the Globe

Similarly, you’ll be able to take in a spot of theatre in an unusual setting at the globe theatre. This Tudor-style theatre offers seven-hundred standing tickets for each performance, and they’re all spectacularly affordable at just a fiver each. The venue has been constructed to closely ape the makeup of the original globe, which was closed down by the puritans and subsequently destroyed in 1642.

Beefeater Distillery

One product that London is especially famous for is its gin. The ‘London Dry’ approach to gin-making has proven popular across the globe – and there are few examples which summarise the technique better than Beefeater. If you’ve an appreciation for the drink, then be sure to take a guided tour around where it’s made – in what is London’s oldest distillery.

Take in the sights from on-high

One feature of the London skyline that’s difficult to miss is the London Eye – an enormous Ferris wheel just a short walk from Westminster bridge. Get into one of the ellipsoid carriages and you’ll be afforded a fantastic view of the capital as you move gracefully above it at a leisurely 0.6mph. If you’re looking to get one of the best possible views of your surroundings, then the London Eye offers an excellent means of doing so.

A boat trip on the Thames

One of the most distinctive features of London in the enormous river which flows through the centre of it. This is one geographical feature that’s had an incredible impact on world history, serving as a major trade route for everyone from the Romans to the British Empire of the 19th century. Nowadays, London river cruises offer among the best ways to get a close-up view of the waters, and of the buildings and attractions that run alongside them. You’ll even be able to get married on the Thames, and hold the after-party on a London wedding reception venue which floats along the surface.

Tower Bridge

This bridge covers a stretch of water that’s largely responsible for making London such an attractive place to build a capital city. If you love to travel and explore iconic landmarks, consider visiting London Tower Bridge as it is a testament to the city’s rich history. Constructed during the Victorian era, this bridge not only connects different parts of London but also offers a memorable experience for visitors. You can consider sourcing london bridge tickets to walk across the top of this architectural marvel, and thanks to a glass floor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to look down on the bustling traffic below. This immersive encounter with London’s infrastructure provides both intrigue and exhilaration, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a deeper connection with the city’s past and present.

Tate Galleries

If you’re unsure whether to visit the Tate Modern or the Tate Britain, then fear not – you’ll be able to visit both in a single day, and work a trip along the Thames into the experience. Boats run between the two every forty minutes, seven days a week – so you needn’t choose between Picasso and Constable. If you’re an art lover, then be sure to pay both museums a visit.

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